(14) Robogirl

Based on: Russia 2002 - Northern Girl



Insert my program into your drive.
I have a theory you will come alive.
Flowin' current in your bones -- my electric drone.
I found an iron fender, bolts, and tread.
I built the body, legs and now the head.
But my girl remains for me -- nothing but circuitry.
I've been fiddling inside you.

Robogirl, flashing lights -- how can I start you, baby?
Robogirl, megabytes -- silicon girl.
Robogirl, lead inside -- I wanna start you, baby.

Wishin' you'd give me some sort of sign,
When suddenly your sensors come online,
And your lenses open wide, scanning for my eyes.
You slowly process it, you’re my machine,
And scroll an ASCII smile across your screen,
But I fear you have no soul -- ‘cause a virus took control.
I’ve been lovin’ a cyborg.

Robogirl, mobilize -- how do you like me, baby?
Robogirl, iron thighs -- give me a whirl.
Robogirl, no replies -- why don’t you like me, baby?

Robogirl, that’s not nice -- put down my buzzsaw, baby!
Robogirl, please don’t slice -- don’t make it whirl.
Robogirl, laser eyes -- set me on fire, baby!

And as you exit my lab, the carnage starts -- oh my god!
I look up and I witness:
Flying, flaming cars, thousands dead (maybe).

Robogirl, desperate cries -- massive destruction, baby!
Robogirl, wasn’t wise -- out of control.
Robogirl, pay the price -- animatronic mayhem

Robogirls, no surprise -- robots are evil, baby!
Robogirls, never die -- conquer the world.
Robogirls, so precise -- they will enslave us, baby!






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