(17) The Stripping Nun

Based on: Croatia 1998 - Neka mi ne svane



I live in virtue here my Lord,
I wouldn’t hurt you, oh my Lord,
But in the convent I get bored,
the others sisters say no word. 

If I could sing your praise another way
Then would I sin? This novice wants your wedding ring.  

When I become a nun,
I will make the mass a bit more fun
And then some. The community’ll be stunned.
When I become a nun,
Former rituals will be outdone,
I won’t shun, all to please your favourite Son.  

I‘d drop my habit for my Lord,
To please the abbot and his lords,
They say I strike a tragic chord,
but I believe He will reward.  

I found another way to serve and pray,
It’s not a sin. Now, sisters, watch me do my thing!  

Cheers for the stripping nun,
when I walk in from the choir, then turn,
shake my bum as I feel the Love returned.
I am the stripping nun,
on the altar I will stretch and yearn,
with my toes I will make your candle burn. 

Got the pun? You don’t think it’s overdone?  

I am the stripping nun,
I can turn all sinners into monks,
So devout I’ll convert them one by one,
when I ground convents for the stripping nuns.






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