(27) It's Such A Tragic Day

Based on: France 2009 - Et s'il fallait de faire



Such a tragic day, it started with my hair
It's this hot humid air, I couldn't keep it sleek
So then I went to get some coffee in the street
I asked for double shot, but still they made it weak

I got into my car, it's time to go to work
Slowed as the light turned red, got cut off by a jerk
If you think that is all, it is yet to get worse
As God keeps to unfold his evil spiteful curse

Such a tragic day, continued in despair
At the office I got twelve e-mails, that's not fair
I didn't have much chance at all to get online
My Twitter hasn't been updated in a while

I got a bit late home, on telly there's the news
Which means I've missed my soap, this is downright abuse
Then I picked up my phone, ordered Indian food
But the sauce was too bland, the chicken was no good

At my relentless fate, I can't bear to withstand
The greatest agony a human's ever had
And I ask you, dear God, why you did this to me
And I warn you, dear God, I'll slur you in my tweet

It's such a tragic day.






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