30) Rhyming Desire

Based on: Romania 2010 - Playing With Fire



Rain, rain, rain down in Spain - They were slain in vain, a brain!
Train, train, train filled with grain - Jane had bought cocaine in Maine!
inject it into a vein, o-mein, how insane
Do abstain and then sustain, I'm sure she'll complain

We and thee, can't you see, our rhyming desire
One-two-three, Isis Gee, it's rhyming with fire
Tee-hee, dance for free, we will never tire
Plant a tree, have a wee, an electrical wire

Ah oh-oh-oh ah...

Try, try, try, try to fly - high above there in the sky
Cry, cry, cry for a guy - oh Sly - and then tell me why, goodbye!
You're a spy, retry the tie, oh my, never die
Dry deny this lard supply is really my thigh

Lover-lee, my degree, our rhyming desire
Drinking tea, eat a pea, it's rhyming with fire
North Sea, guarantee, come sing in the choir
Cedar tree, jubilee, an electrical wire

Ah oh-oh-oh ah... *squeak*

A marquee, more chablis, our rhyming desire
Control key, the Grand Prix, it's rhyming with fire
Banshee, Christmas tree, and don your attire
Enrollee, honey bee, an electrical wire

Sing with glee, hear my plea, our rhyming desire
All agree, on your knee, it's rhyming with fire
Goatee, bourgeoisie, there's clothes in the dryer
Doggy flea, holy see, an electrical wire

Ah oh-oh-oh ah...

If a liar's in the choir, I retire.