5) Fetish

Based on: Germany 1978 - Feuer



Sex can get boring, the same old ennui 
Those dull positions!
Let’s try some new ways to spice up our sheets
No more traditions!

Don’t mind my G-spot, it’s way past its prime
Don’t care ‘bout anal nor oral this time
I need some dirt and grime.

Fetish, fetish – put an end to my yawn
Fetish, fetish – slip these diapers on
I’ll put some cream on your bottom, dressed as a night nurse.

Fetish, fetish – my frigidity’s gone
Fetish, fetish – while I’m powd’ring your bum
Then let it flow as I chose extra-large
Like a sarge, I am in charge!

Mummification, or mistress and slave
Why not experiment?
Or olfactophilia? You’re welcome, why not!
That’s just a natural bent.

Sniff my worn nylons, no shame, no regret
I stick my tongue in your smelly rosette
While I inhale your sweat. 

Fetish, fetish – wear your socks for a week
Fetish, fetish – hold them close to my cheek
Then we enjoy golden showers straight from the bladder.

Fetish, fetish – they might call me a freak
Fetish, fetish – I just think that I’m chic
When I am waving a horsewhip like mad
My new fad, I feel so bad!

Fetish, fetish – don’t you want to join in
Fetish, fetish – such a positive spin
It will improve your dull love life by far
You’re a star - when you’re bizarre!

Fetish! Fetish! Fetish! Fetish!!!


bak semi1moar