7) Google Earth

Based on: Finland 1991 - Hullu Yö


In all your stories you’re a movie star
But you’re a pro in this single’s bar
Taxi for the wife of the president!
As she made a friend in this hard rock band

Misses Johnson wears a leather bra
to meet her lover at the local spa
See, I can tell where you have parked your car
I see it all and know just where you are

Thanks to Google Earth, I know all the dirt
and everything I have to know or wanna
Thanks to Google Earth, nothing stays overt
I slowly reach my taboo nirvana

Have a go at it, it’s an instant hit
zoom the center bit and soon you are
a gossip star

You run a weed farm down in Myanmar
Your second wife lives in Cote d’Ivoire
See, I can spot you if you’re near or far
I see it all and know just who you are

Yay for Google Earth, I know all the dirt
and all the bits I want to know. Hosanna!
Yay for Google Earth, better be alert
I’m acting like a tabloid piranha

Have a go at it, you will be a hit
Best in the biz
a rumour wiz

Thanks to Google Earth, I’m a little bird
and all the trash falls in my hands like manna.
Thanks to Google Earth, you all will get hurt
You’re living in a total urbana

Yay for Google Earth, yay...
(Thanks to Google Earth, we know all the dirt
and everything we want to know. Hosanna)
Yay for Google Earth, aah…
(Thanks to Google Earth, we will hunt and hurt
Now everything is in our hands, Hosanna)

Damn you, Google Earth


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