12) Ballad of a Montenegrin Prostitute

Based on: Yugoslavia 1983 - Dzuli


Podgorica's red light district
Isn't the classiest place
Still everybody must find a way to make a living
Only - the problems begin there
Business is not what it was
Younger girls stole all my trade - now no one will do me

Do me...
Do me...
But no one stays around for a second glance

Tried to make myself attractive
Tried to keep up with the rest
Easier said than it's done when you've almost hit forty
Tried with both locals and tourists
But both of them turn me away
'Cause looking at me makes you feel depressive, not naughty

Do me...
Do me...
It's just not fair. I haven't even got crabs.

Whoring can't go on forever
Hot flushes aren't far away
Can't be a call girl when ovaries aren't ovulatin
Still there's one trick left up my sleeve
I'll launch a bid to ensure
Podgorica hosts the meetup for ESC Nation

Do me... oh
Do me... oh
Do me... oh
Do me...
Wait, what d'you mean I'm 'not the MB'ers type'?

Damn you MB!


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