14) Whore's Irony

Based on: Slovakia 2010 - Horehronie



Sometimes we all feel it, the whore's irony
Paying they want you - not when it's free.
I can't understand it - the whore's irony
First you get no-one, charge - you get three

Not looking for something steady
just some innocent fun
But when I try to talk to men
they all stand up - and they run

How I am giggling at the whore's irony
They want what I want - just not with me
But then I dress up in a skirt all mini
Painting my face with, colours shiny

Yes, no-one said it was easy
even though I'm so sweet
But I can tell you I'm pulling
when I go and -  walk the street

Aaaaa-aaaa... Yabba-dabba-doo-aha-whoreluja..

That's what you are getting - the whore's irony
Charge them a lot and they get happy
And I get a lot of both sex and money
I have fun shagging and then, shopping spree

Just why they want to be paying
That I don't understand
But I would do most anything
sell myself to - get a man


No, they don't seem like they want it
when they get it for free
But they all seem to go crazy
when I look like - a prozzie

How we are laughing at the whore's irony



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