17) Auto zu Verkaufen (2005 Merecedes Benz)

Based on: Germany 1981 - Johnny Blue



Benz, Benz, Mercedes Benz
With a single careful owner.
Five year old shiny Merc
Which she wants to sell to you.

Yes she would name it Nancy
Cause that took her fancy
Did I say that she’s a dimwit?
She did paint it in purple,
With green and white circles
In which she wrote ‘love’ in Sanskrit!

She posted: Old Used Mercedes Benz
With some tasteless custom features.
Car: gross, named Nancy, too
Which she hopes to sell this time…

She admits it got stolen:
The thief bestowed ‘presents’
That she had to purge with steel wool.
Though from under the bonnet
Spring faint whiffs of vomit
When she puts the heater on full

Her ad says: Benz, Benz, Mercedes Benz
Slightly stinky in the winter.
Eww! Poo! Undisturbed goo…
Hid within dear Nancy’s boot!

Did you see her? All on ProSieben   (Late…night…X-rated too)

Missy Lady: the ‘expert’ on Men, Sex and Booze  (Watch her travels: Schwanz der Alpen)

In her stories: Car, men…bounce…each week (Could you bonk Helmut Fuchs?)

Until Nancy blew a fuse.

She has fans by the thousands
They crave her attention:
Henrick stalked her into the church.
And Herr Siegfried-Klaus Gimpel
He showed her his pimple.
And Dieter! He left her his squirts!

Oh buy her Benz, Benz, Mercedes Benz
Blessed with every sticky substance.
Strange, lewd, exotic spew
Can be cleaned off…should thee choose!

Benz, Benz, Mercedes Benz:
Missy Lady calls her Nancy.
Buy! Buy! Buy Nancy, do!
eBay auction closing soon…

(Go, go, go on, go on…)
Nancy is the car for you!


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