4) My Fart Is Worse

Based on: Norway 2010 - My Heart Is Yours


You eat cans of baked beans behind the fridge door all day
And when I cannot see you, you fart in our bed
Because your fart is worse, I'm gonna leave you
Cause when you gonna fart, I won't survive
That smell is never gone, I feel it rise again
Through it all, now your fart is worse
I'll eat peas, eggs and cabbage, and hummus all night
And when you cannot see me, I'll fart and win this fight

You think your fart is worse, I don't believe you
Cause when I'm gonna fart, you'd better hide
It's smell'll be holding on, will stay there in the air
I will proof (You will proof), that my fart (That your fart) is wooooorrrrrsssssse


The world have been destroyed, because I've farted
I'm sorry that you died, told you to hide!!!
Now planet Earth is gone, I'm on my way to Maaaaars
That's because, NOW my faaaaaaaart is wooooooooooooooooooooooooorse