5) Obnoxious Patriotism (World Cup)

Based on: UK 1969 - Boom Bang-a-Bang


Score Klose, score Klose & Ozil,
The world cup is ours to take,
The patriotism that rises within in me
Score Klose & show your Brazilian tonight. Yes Tonight
Score Klose back of the net that’s right

My patriotism is obnoxious n brash obnoxious n brash the Germans will win
Obnoxious n brash Obnoxious n brash I shout loud in your ear
Vuevuezela Vuevuezela annoying as fuck
Obnoxious patriotism all the time

The are Italians cheating
French are up in arms
Spain go away
Netherlands can’t play, for it is true
Obnoxious patriotism
Klose scored 2

Brazil is said to be skilled and exciting
The thought of you winnings quite frightening
Germany win the world cup don’t keep me waiting
Score Klose and Ozil tonight
That’s right
Score Klose and thrash them tonight

My Patriotism is so obnoxious n brash, obnoxiousn brash
On escnation it’s considered queer
Vuevuzela Vuevuzela annoying as fuck
Back of the net, back of the net
World Cup you’re mine
Obnoxious patriotism all the time

The Argies are defenceless
England have lost the plot
World cup is here
I wanna shout my team all the way home
Obnoxious patriotism
Klose scored 2

It’s such a fantastic feeling
When the world cup is here
Now it is here
Germany's superior it’s soo true
Obnoxious ‘n’ brash
Obnoxious ‘n’ brash
Obnoxious Patriotism

I love you