11) Metaphor Mixed

Based on: Iceland 2007 - Valentine Lost


I am a student of advanced creative writing
Poetic styles of logophiles
On wings of gossamer, vetturi to take flight in
Frail similes in Taiwanese

A turquoise-printed dodgem car
An empty karaoke bar
Goblets of snow
Phoenix feathers hewn from coal
Steeped in illegal alcohol

No angels smile upon this tennis player's seeding
Castles of sand in midget hands
Seek immortality in deepmost shades of meaning
Dyschromatopsic eyes of grey

A warlock sculpting Toblerone
Disputed cheesecake wrought from stone
Dogs with no nose!
Feuding flocks of lemon sole
Gaze down as eagles swim in shoals

Paper swans from Arkansas
Bedeck the Brandenburger Tor
Flames borne of chrome
Facing twilight's cold embrace
In Dana's steel attache case

The Irish pub in ancient Rome
A soil rich with organic loam
Bronze satined gnomes
At the high priest's garden gate
Cold pizza crusts accumulate

As the moonlight sheds its skin
Each apple hides a snake within
But what does it mean?
If you seek to know the truth
I haven't got
The faintest bloody clue.