18) Pharmacy

Based on: Denmark 2007 - Drama Queen


When you're struck by fever and it won't go away
Head is aching, limbs are all in pain
Down there on the high street relief can be yours
You will find the cure
When you're at the store

At the pharmacy tonight
You'll find creams for an insect bite
We have bandages to cover your ugly scars
At the pharmacy tonight
We can put an end to your plight
When you buy drugs from us tonight

It's there when you need a place to get shampoo
And to buy remedies for the flu
You can get an ice pack for that swollen knee
Antihistamines make hayfever flee

At the pharmacy tonight
You can get medical advice
For a holiday, sun cream is available
At the pharmacy tonight
Now we can even test your eyes
So come and shop with us tonight

Everyone's ill sometime
Viral, fungal, bacterial
Every ailment, we can cure them all

At the pharmacy tonight
We can help prevent STIs
Buy a condom, dear, or you risk paying the price
At the pharmacy tonight
Even though we are overpriced
You must buy drugs from us tonight
So, shop at the pharmacy tonight