4) Still Haven't Got A Clue

Based on: France 2009 - Et s'il fallait le faire



Still haven't got a clue, what is so wrong with you
Whatever I may do, you show no interest
You did this for all the days throughout this week
When you just ignore me, I may not even speak

When you're just lying there without the least yearn for me
As soon as you've just finished to view your daily porn
And I just stand all bare, you pretend you are asleep
And you just only snore, ignore me, just like that

Still haven't got a clue, what is so wrong with you
You used to count the hours, to spend the night with me
Indulging in the sensual act, till morning have arrived
And longed for the next night to fulfill your wildest dreams

And I am still amazed, perplexed and so confused
And can't believe how fast, your attitude have changed this lot
I am so hurt and frail, you made me go insane
I have nothing left to do, not even to complain

But now I just realise, yes just now I realise
What your problem should be, the only reason why
I'm sure it must really be a something of this sort
This question here I ask, and this may be my last:

Did you find out you're gay?