02) A Song For The Children

Based on Russia 1997 (live) - Primadonna

Sunshine, butterflies, and pizza.
Singing puppies in a dream.
Jam on toast, and warm tea.
And snuggle, snuggle down … beneath the covers.

Bed, carnivals, and dad. Motherfucker. (Motherfucker)
Gum, Peter Pan, and mom. Motherfucker.
Ballerinas … spinning ‘round.

Play games with model trains. Motherfucker. (Motherfucker.)
See pretty hats and braids. Motherfucker.
Christmas morning, girls and boys … getting toys.

Ice cream, watermelon, soda.
Cotton candy brings you joy.
Pretty pink carrousel.
And snowflakes on your tongue … melt like marshmallows.

Rainbows and baby dolls. Motherfucker. (Motherfucker.)
Boys play with bouncing balls. Motherfucker.

Play games with model planes. Motherfucker. (Motherfucker.)
See pretty kittens play. Motherfucker.
Crispy leaves ‘n’ shopping malls … colours in the fall.

Daisies, dolphins, and dragons! Unicorns prancing high in the sky.
Flowers, forests, and fairies! Winnie Pooh eating honey from jars.
Angel puppets, row boats, princess mermaids, and clouds.
There’s a green crocodile … on a fantasy isle.

Ponies! Motherfucker! Ponies!