04) Love Me Tonight

Based on Israel 1990 - Shara Barchovot

I’ve known many men
And you are the best by far
My friends all think you’re a creep
They don’t see what I see

They want to break us apart
But you’re everything I want
And I know you want me

Love me tonight
Creature from the swamp
In your flippers I belong
Your tentacles are many
And they are long
And they feel so soft

Run your feelers through my hair
Let the frogs watch, I don’t care
If you cover me with slime
I will not mind
I see love in your eight eyes
Kiss me with your fish mouth and always be mine

I’m not at all scared
Of you, monster from the marsh
Behind your scaly façade
You have a caring heart

You drive me wild
Beast from the dank bog
Do not hide behind the fog
Let me stroke your tail gently
If it falls off
I’ll sew it back on

I want to feel your gills breathe
And kiss your eyestalks softly
Let me hold you below these trees
That swarm with flies
Only shotgun homicide
Could break us, my amphibian-like knight


No, my love has died!
Killed by my kind
Just for being a gross freak
When will people see that mutants are good inside?
But I will not say goodbye
For we’ll soon reunite in the afterlife


Who are the real monsters?
Who are the real monsters?