11) Disney's Rejected Dwarfs

Based on Luxembourg 1956 - Ne crois pas

Well, Stinky gained a reputation as offensive on the nose
Alky stumbled round the backlot till he wound up comatose
Shorty couldn’t see the irony of jibes about his height
Lispy acted like Olivier but he couldn’t thay “Thnow White”

We’re the dwarfs, we’re the dwarfs
That Walt Disney went and sacked
We’re the dwarfs, we’re the dwarfs
Common courtesy we lacked

Sleazy felt up all the others and he had to be restrained
Slitty seemed to be a shoo-in till the Japanese complained
Ego cracked the Magic Mirror when hugging himself goodbye
Psycho baked the woodland creatures in a woodland creature pie

We’re the dwarfs, we’re the dwarfs
Out of fashion, out of style
We’re the dwarfs, laid-off dwarfs
On the Disney reject pile

There should have been
Seventeen of us, all singing “heigh-ho!”
Ten got the heave-ho
For our sins, we were purged from the screen

We may be flawed
But beware of a dwarf who is bitter
They’ll reconsider
When they see just what we’ve got in store

So, Pyro, grab the ammunition - don’t forget the gasoline
Horny, pause the porno movie and put down the Vaseline
Though we’re small, we’re on a mission, and here’s what we’re going to do:
Take the first flight out to Burbank, burn the Disney Co. HQ!

We’re the dwarfs, we’re the dwarfs
And it’s time to make amends
We’re the dwarfs, jobless dwarfs
Our dismissal we’ll avenge

We’re the dwarfs
Angry dwarfs
Pissed-off dwarfs
And we’re here to take revenge!