14) Gunglefrap Partner

Based on Netherlands 1998 (live) - Hemel en aarde

[Jabby eagerly posts her profile on
exposing her underarms in uffish excitement]

Female Jabberwocky seeks
Man Dong with nose ignored
Your clinkty ought be snecked
With decommissioned vorpal swords

Looking for proud soaring glump
Who’s spracked with prime head plume…
Coz everyone should scrumble up
In times of jarrig doom!

Hello my nark-name is Jabby
And it’s Dong I crave
With some full firm deflabblies
That have not decayed

And on the subject of nurgles:
Mine are all intact!
I’m seeking not a sleemin'
Charg or a tralc
But a gunglefrap partner…

Donglings note that I’m a boldew
Fan of eurosong
We can licket while you
Troke my loomas all night long

I’d love a vecker with troll-chocks
To splooge off my henk ache
But I’d rule out oomox
Should you unprow by mistake!

If you’ve a yerk to boobdangle
I am not for that
But I may try a dample
Once your gnot is phlat

I could impart a shand poking
On your fine porm chair
I’d kindly toit your hoal-thing
But that is fair…
For a gunglefrap partner

(Don’t you enchardle our Jabby)
That is just not right!
(Yes she could flood your inbox)
With…syllables of spite!

Ignore the rumours: my bout of…
Sworblix has cleared up!
I was defloited with a…
Runcible spoon

Ding dong every dong dude!

[Jabby timmiously emits multiple Dong seduction noises]

(Gunglefrap partner)
Oh hayah... huah...

(Gunglefrap partner)
Ahaha, ahaha, ahahahahuah...

(Gunglefrap partner)
Ah ah ah, ah... huah ah...

(Gunglefrap partner)


(Jabby is open to fracing)
We could sluice our farks

(Though she might need some raking)
Glow! We’ll feel loads of sparks!

(Gunglefrap partner forever)
Poke me on DongBook!
(Not just five sor-nads)

I’d be all tointed if you’d
Churk me with flair, oho...
Be my gunglefrap partner!

[Jabby pronks in the borogoves awaiting a response
“Twas mystig, she said”]