27) The Lost Diary of A. Hitler's 4th Grade Therapist

Based on Israel 1982 - Hora

Horror! Horror! Horror!

Oh, this kid is a mess and he's really crass
Oh, the menace is odd and a thug
And when you tease he'll say a lot of rubbish
Mention there's Jew in your blood

Saw him bury a dog that was still alive
A cigar in the bum of a cat
Fell off his bike, and when the kids would mock him
 Yelled that their dads will be gassed

He's such a horror, the kid needs some help
Perhaps give him meds, perhaps call his mum
The boy's a loner, he keeps to himself
He fights and he yells, salutes with his arm  

So we set up a game of monopoly
And he buys all the bahnhofs, all four
And when I ask are you a fan of railroads
"Nein, I will need them for war"

My, what a horror, his mind is astray
He says that one day our shirts will be brown
He hates the dollar, the pound and the franc
He said that the mark will buy goods in Prague

Lai lai lai…..

Horror! We once spoke of race
He said no to Jews, and gypsies and gays
I looked in horror, and called Mrs H.
She said he's a gem, you don't get his kampf

So I think when the boy will be done with class
He will travel the world near and far
I have a fear that there will be some tension
Something to do with a Reich

And this explorer will take on Ukraine
Advance on the Plains, will roll over France
Will piss on borders regardless of pain
Who knows where he'll stop, perhaps Leningrad

Lai lai lai…..horror!