03) The Demon Barber of Rockefeller Street

Based on Estonia 2011 - Rockefeller Street

Seems that my music career's
Not working out as I planned
I thought that I would be famous
My failure, I don't understand

Now I'm working back in the salon
Then one day walks in Lucía from Spain
Really, I had no other option

So when she asked for a blow cut
Well, of course I blew her head off
Kati only asked for short hair
Regrettably, I had to kill her

It was worth it though

You just voted me
24th in ESC?
I would say that that's rather shameful

You rejected me
Can't you see I was supreme?
Murder is a fair price to pay
(Oh, you bitch)

(You say I've gone insane, woo!
If so
So what?)

I'm not really that bad
Just a minor character flaw
I handle rejection quite badly

Now Maja's dead, as is Nina
Poly, Mika, Evelina
As cadavers start to pile high
I need a place where they can hide

From neighbours and police

1273 victims, and so now I need
Methods to dispose of the bodies

And then suddenly
Tanel from the bakery
Brought me a delicious idea

(Proposed a joint-venture)

"I know why I'm failing, my pies are not selling
No more beef or liver, clients now want new tastes
Your problem is mine too, you help me, I'll help you
We could launch a partnership in business"

Accepting was easy, I hope you believe me
Though I am a killer, I'm not really evil
No other career could be as satisfying
I combine revenge with my profession

I make thousands more
Euros as a slaughterer
Than I ever would as a singer

It may seem bizarre
Earning money killing stars
But I'm richer than you'd believe

(Let me explain to you)

Now listen, now listen, now listen, now listen
If you want to run a profitable business
Expanding, expanding, expanding, expanding
Franchises are opening near your town

So maybe
You're in need of cash?
Simple! Give celebs a slash
Diagonally along their throat

And maybe
Tallinn's number one
Bakery and hair salon
Has a plan to launch near to you...