05) Dai Li Dou Nyan Cat

Based on Sweden 1985 - Bra Vibrationer

I've got two tunes lodged in my brain
They're driving me insane
Don't know how to clear it
It's the worst earworm ever known
I'm scared how fast it's grown
I really hate and fear it

Scream and shout
Force it out
But it's still stuck tight in there
Try to sing
This might work

So I'm belting out
Dai li dou, nyan cat!
It's just hideous and driving me mad
A grand cacophony
Still going
Dai li dou, nyan cat!
Need a melody to clear my head
I think this just might tidy the mess
Oh, that's the best!

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo!

But now a new problem's kicked in
Earworm's back again
And it's brought reinforcements
The Hampster Dance and Barbie Girl
Are butting in as well
As Greeks in purloined underpants

Dancing the lasha tumbai
Sing Sang Song
Ding a Dong
Tiki Kong

I'm still singing here
Dai li dou, nyan cat!
Reformatting the iPod in my brain
But it just won't stop
Dai li dou, nyan cat!
Just keeps looping round again and again
Driving it out is futile, I fear...
I need a beer

It's like the most annoying thousand songs you've heard
All wrapped up in one med-uh-ley
Viva Espana, Agadoo and... umm.. the Bird-
-ie Song, it is dead-uh-ly

Seems I'm stuck with it
Dai li dou, nyan cat
It's even more irksome than tinnitus
Worse than the swine flu
The thing with
Dai li dou, nyan cat
Is it's actually extremely infectious
I'm afraid, I've some bad news for you...
You've caught it too!