18) Look Before You Leak

Based on Austria 2011 - The Secret Is Love

Didn't look too close, I made that silly tweet
Now the whole world knows, I cannot live in peace
My famous undies everywhere, now I get no love
They made me resign, -sign, -sign, why??

My public life I simply blew
But this hate for me is just undue
We all have things we need to do
A Weiner needs love too, it's tough

Didn't step out on my wife, was just some pics
Sure, let's blame the man who circulates his dick
Screwed it up, can't make it right now
But am I, I, I so bad??

Now all the girls are speaking out
And they think they know what I'm about
But let me speak in my defense
A Weiner needs love

Just wanted to show off my tool
Why's that make me seem so cruel?
If you were me I bet you'd do the same too (So! Un! Fair!)

So I'm off to "rehab"
But I just want to know, while there
Do they have Wi-Fi?

(Now everybody has a say)
(But sometimes a man just needs to stray) Sometimes needs to stray
Can judge me if you want, but know
A Weiner needs love

It takes some work to get this fit
People, (Showin' off's my right, don't sue!)
You're all hypocrites
If you were me I bet you'd do the same too

(So! Un! Fair!)
(They made me resign!)
(Un! Fair!)

See... a Weiner needs love