02) I am the microwave

Based on Netherlands 1978 - 't is OK

Hello and welcome to the kitchen
I am right here, just to your side
With all my buttons and my door I'm
Ready to heat your larder up

Whether it's simply fast reheating
Or something more substantial now
Here I am for you, square and waiting
Open me up and put some in

Bip-bip-bayp - I'm the microwave
Use me for roasts today!
Quick meals are quite okay
In fact, they're really cool

Bip-bip-bayp - I'm the microwave
Glad in my corner place
Good for your pasta bakes
And heating lovely foods

I'll make your mealtimes brown and crispy
Defreeze your pies and popcorn bags
Heat up your frozen meats and cheeses
Anticipation's a good thang!

You are my friend, so see my digits
Home is your own sweet restaurant
Make sure the timings are OK and
use up some safeish plastic wrap

Bip-bip-bayp - I'm the microwave
Use me for toast today
Rice, lettuce, mayonnaise
Will all get warm in me

Bip-bip-bayp - your own microwave
Off-white with happiness
There for your every need
For breakfast, lunch and tea

Bip-bip-bayp - yes, your microwave
You need not hibernate
'Cos I am here, and say
That I can be your slave

Bip-bip-bayp - I'm the microwave
I'm feeling hot, and may
I wish you pleasantly:
"Enjoy your tender meal"