04) We're Twiins

Based on Slovakia 2011 - I'm Still Alive

We’re tone deaf we can’t sing, our voices are cloying
So bad your ears are on fire
But we think we’re fine

We’re blond TWiiNS with earrings, we’re wearing too much bling (we think we’re fine)
We know you’ll love our attire

Yes we thought we could do it but we just really blew it
With this routine we lose it all
Use our tits and our asses, try to please all the masses
But they thought that our song was a bore

We’re the same – well apart
that I’m cool, and she’s just a tart (just a tart)

Our outfit’s worth nothing, the dresses are something
Bought from a thrift store online
To show our behinds

Our budget’s a shoestring and that’s why we’re wearing (nothing that’s mine)
Jewellery we borrowed last night

As the stage lights diminish you’ll thank god that we’ve finished
Will you give your votes to this dross
It only lasted three minutes, and we know that you’ll bin it
But we just couldn’t give a toss

Well your votes would be nice (would be nice)
But we’re TWiiNS you’ll have to vote twice (have to vote twice)

We’re cool when we’re dancing our breasts keep on bouncing
We are so hot we’re on fire
And we think we’re fine

We’re TWiiNS and we can sing, and we’re just announcing (in our own minds)
We’re objects of lust and desire

This song we’re destroying , it’s worse than annoying
Repeating the same boring lines
(Sing out of time)

We fart while performing, a bad smell is forming (you still alive?)
But no one knows her farts from mine

Our exit is pending thank fuck this song’s ending
The Slovaks want us to retire
But we’re still alive…