18) VI-A-G-RA

Based on Slovenia 2011 - No One

You told me 't would be "all night" - not a flash of light
Blink and - out of sight
You had said that it was the first time
Thoughts that crossed my mind
Was it you or me?

But this feeling deep inside
No, I will not run and hide
But instead, but instead

You should be the one running scared
Your pain, baby, won't be shared
When I'm done with you, you'll see
It is my vic-to-ry

You're addicted to your online hall
A message there could ruin all
Never should have been mean, mean to me...

Reminisce on what you said to me
So sarcastic'ly
Made me feel so wrong

Then I found out why
Looked straight up to the sky
Cleared wet tears from my eye
Ho! no no no no, no
'Cause now the truth has come out
So did those pills you needed too - they were blue! they were blue!

(So soft, so down)
Made you feel so
feel so proud I'm sure
(Only meds can help you)

(So soft, so down)
Dreaming all year round
Of how you'll bang me didn't ya?

I'll post it on your facebook wall (Facebook wall)
"You evil little midget troll (Midget troll)
What you like? Copped a feel ey love?
Oh yeah? I could just barely find yours.

This warning goes to all who might (All who might)
Think that you, might just be their type (Be their type)
Be warned, be scorned
Bring your own supplies there with you

His eyes, yes, they might be adoring
His hair, yes, could make you start roaring
But after all is done and said,
There in bed now, left unsaid now,
Uneventful yeah, oh yeah
One word for you - VI-A-G-RA!"