17) Angela Merkel

Based on Switzerland 1963 - T'en vas pas

Never liked Helmut Kohl
How his style left me cold
But you've captured my heart
Angela, Angela, Angela, Angela

Your financial controls saved the weak Eurozone
As you rescued the PIGS
I'm a wreck, save me from loneliness, Angela

As the GDR fell
Socialism expelled
You brought Honecker down
You won't bring down my love, how it burns, Angela

You swept Schröder away
And kept crisis at bay
But there's still one more task you must pass
You're the one I must have Angela

Though you're not even gay, and I am sixty nine
I know we'll work it out, you won't need to resign
The Bundeskanzleramt would make a perfect home
Let us be wed, please don't say no

Didn't vote CDU
'Til before I met you
Kanzlerin of my heart
Angela, you'll be mine forever Angela

Just one kiss would restart
The right wing of my heart
But if you turned your back, Angela
For Die Linke once more I'd depart

And Joachim? Forget about him
We'll watch DVDs
Of Maggie
In right-wing