01) C'est Vilni

Based on Lithuania 2011 - C'est ma vie

Soon in the autumn
We won’t be going to Ohio
When Wizzair flies at low cost
Don’t miss your ride
Those who went campaigning
Failed, never winning Lisbon
As well as triumphing over Turku
despite drawn number 2

C’est Vilni, meeting MB
No Sheffield pies
or Toledo hills hike
Anticipating? Book the flight
rent the night, now’s the time

‘Welcome’ calls the Strazdas
Sing ‘We are the winners’
Soon we’ll be drinking beer, more than one 
And ferret will come along...

C’est Vilni, yes, really!
No deep fried Mars bars
nor Warsaw vodkas
Participating? Book the flight
Rent the night, now’s the time, does this rhyme?

C’est Vilni, c’est la Lituanie
No Sagrada Familia
The vote has been cast
Hesitating? Book the flight
Rent the night, now’s the time
Book the flight, now’s the time

C’est Vilni!!!