11) 2012

Based on Israel 2008 - The Fire In Your Eyes

Nostradamus had said that, and the Mayan tribes had too...

It's the end, It's the end
Riots, earthquakes and tsunamis
And volcanoes are erupting
Does it mean... Our Earth will blow up...?

It's the end, it's the end,
Bird flu, Swine flu, air pollution
Now - Bacteria in cucumbers
Does it mean... No hope for mankind...?

No, I don't believe in this apocalypse at all
Who the f**k was Nostradamus?!!? Was he drunk?!

In 2012
We'll all be safe...
You'll see, you'll see, it's just a silly trick
Don't be afraid!

Oh my god, oh my god
Turkey hadn't qualified
And Armenia too...
Oh nooooo...!

Such a thing can't happen, so the end is very near
In the 21st December...

... In 2012!
We'll all be dead!
Our world, our world, which we have known for years
Won't be the same!

Nostradamus had warned us, and the Mayan tribes had too!
Nostradamus had known that, and the Mayan tribes had too!

It's 2012!
It's here, it's here, I'm sorry, but it seems
Those jerks were right.