13) A Dog

Based on Sweden 1989 - En dag

A dog is a man’s best friend
They love to walk leash in hand
A dog is our next of kin
Take it on the chin, he could be your twin

With him you’re never alone
A dog takes care of your home
He makes a lair out off mag’s
And chasing the cat turns rugs into rags

Now look at him playing, he acts like a fool
Cleaning my shoes with his drool
 Look at him swaying, he’s chasing his tail
Leaving a wet slimy trail,
Making him look like a snail

Your dog, the image of you
No clue, just like Scooby doo
Your dog, take him for a swim
And when you’re both wet, you shake just like him

You can get a Schnauzer if facial’s your scene
Corgis are fit for a queen
If you like to flaunt it you get a pure bred
If you’re the tough kind of lad
You keep a Dane in your bed


Oh … my dog, the image of me
we share a favourite tree

oh... my dog

There’s no need to grin, for I look like him:

A dog with white curly hair
And paws the size of a chair
A doc with some fantasy
could easily make a dog out of me

Now hear him bark and me howl
And soon we’re starting to growl
And so we both yawl along
To reach the end of this dog of a song