16) I Remember Medusa

Based on France 1963 - Elle était si jolie

I crept in with a mirror
On my first killing spree
My life’s aim was to kill her
But just one look stopped me

For I turned into granite
As soon as she appeared
And then I fell in love with
The gorgon I once feared

She was poised and attractive
Though she had snakes for hair
She was strangely fantastic
How could I not have stared?

She was a chthonian Venus
I’m still under her spell
But all there was between us
Was my thick, rock hard shell

My one dream was to hold her
But I was petrified
So I watched her get older
With no-one by her side

Since the day I became stone
I’ve stood next to her bed
But she lived her life alone
Thinking that no-one cared

Then one day came a stranger
With a sword and a shield
The armed man came to slay her
Unlike me, he’d succeed

I watched him execute her
And walk off with her head
I remember Medusa
And I’ll never forget