19) Mehriban

Based on Yugoslavia 1968 - Jedan dan

Mehriban, pretty Mehriban
Pretty like the squares on a tartan tan
Mehriban, sweetest Mehriban
Sweeter than a space-cake with marzipan

Mehriban, smoothy Mehriban
Smoother than the rap of a roman man
Mehriban, lovely Mehriban
Loveliest of girls of Azerbaijan

Live with me, little Mehriban
Our Caspian dream
I'll, cause I wanna wed ye
Grow a monobrow like a French bread

Mehriban, let me be your fan
Let me pivot round, pivot all I can
Mehriban, let me be your man
Let me in your boudouir as your warming pan

Mehriban, sexy Mehriban
Sexy when you show how you can cancan
Mehriban, splendid Mehriban
Splendid like the reign of old Charlemagn

Life is mean, little Mehriban
You can't trust a dream
I'll, since last night I had ye
Shave my monobrow away like mad

Mehriban, it is fun but when
When I pivot round, pivot like a fan
Mehriban, it is fun but then
I can spot all pretty girls from Yerevan