22) Bulgaria

Based on Croatia 1995 - Nostalgija

It has. Lira or Euro, I can’t figure
I know that maybe it’s a Dinar
Feck if I know, doesn’t matter
Lira. It’s Lira.

It has. Rivers and sewers, that I bet ya
No sweatshops that I really know of
Communism they got rid of
Rivers, nice rivers

Bulgaria, Bulgaria
There’s nothing I can add
It’s hard to write, and time was up, so this is what I found
Face it I know nada, wait I know of Sofia

Bulgaria, Bulgaria
I bet it’s next to France
I made it up, I know it’s far, I should’ve looked online
Tucked behind their border is what used to be Hellas

It has. Timber and loads of yellow wicker
I heard they use it in their villas
Meadows, flora and Chlamydia
These are here, these are

Bulgaria, Bulgaria
It used to have a Tsar
His name was Sven, or maybe Glenn, perhaps it was Juan
But he was a hero, and he played the viola

Bulgaria, Bulgaria
I know I made this up
But here’s the fact, the place is pants, and no one gives a fuck
Trust me one day Jonas will suggest it for the clan

Bulga ahhh ahhh