30) Our Time is Meow!

Based on Moldova 2007 - Fight

On Sunday, we sleep in their beds
And we’re always dying to play
Come Monday, we’ll turn on these people, and prey

We will catch them all off-guard
Sharpened claws, opened jaws
Take that, you bitch! I bite!

Humans: felines always win
We’ve lapped up all the cream
Did you … think that all we do is sleep?
Training every single day
With mice and balls of string
To turn you to kitty litter

When cleaning or feeding your cats
Don’t forget we’re learning your flaws
We kittehs haz stoal ur fishiz (and dogs)!

We’ll give you a running start
Sink our claws, clamp our jaws
Take that, you bitch! I bite!

Humans: keep your Whiskas tins!
We’ll milk you for our cream
Did you … think we’d rather have a treat?
Plotting every single day
To take over control
We’re minions of Cat Carola!

Ridding heathens from this earth
We’ll scratch and bite and claw

We’ll smite ‘em (Just not our owners!)