5) Sorrow

Based on Yugoslavia 1962 - Ne pali svetla u sumrak

Dark eyes, tiny legs, playing "Angry birds" ,
Two teeth, but smiling, and no reason why,
That hump for everyone to see, seven fingers but only one ear,
That pervert took me there, under yellow sheets.

Crying in my cage, with just a sip of wine,
My dress was pink, with seven yellow scalps,
That night you tried to be so sweet, you faild, you poor old creep,
Astonished, and surprised, with your enormous size.

That night you tried to do me fine, doggy style and 69,
Frustration, and regrets , you saw in my eyes.

Ten years, even more, you used me for your joy,
I gave you best years, but you wanted more,
One sunday you will do me fine, you'll be hearty when I cum,
Till that day, rash will go away on it's own.

I'm ready for more – sorrow.