8) Postmodern Song

Based on Latvia 2012 - Beautiful Song

Check the clock, it's soon to be 10:30
The deadline says there's not much time to go
Pounding out these words, it's never easy
So here I go, I better write, and finish quite soon

Ideas faulting, I won't be a winner
YouTube beckons, could watch some pet trick
Or just go and twitter out one-forty
Small characters, now that's the way, my fingers go to flit

12 hours to go, I still procrastinate, can't think of anything, a doomed, crashing fate
Seeking ideas my brain can't fabricate or crib down into words
10 hours to go, my mind just vacillates, I eat an M&M, then get lost again
Beautiful text?  Oh well, it's really not. But shout out to RhymeZone

I'd like to think that I'm a decent writer
Good results would validate me so
So now I'll try my luck and go totes meta
When you're on the Internet, a winning way to go

Or should I try to pad this out with footnotes
Referencing some very cliquey business?*
After this I've only got the chorus
So sorry, y'all, we're almost through. This filler line is, too

8 hours to go, I still procrastinate, I'll find a recipe, try my luck and bake
Anything else is what will do right now, while all my thoughts are gone
6 hours to go, I'll check my Facebook now, lurk through some lame debate, then watch Jon & Kate
Referencing things so dated I'm irate. Contemporary? Not.

3 hours to go, I'm drawing such a blank, this won't be a fanwank
2 hours to go, the time is running out, and I'm all bleary-eyed

1 hour to go, this gimmick's wearing fast, I know that's what you say, this lyric's half-assed
In the reviews, I'm fearing a lambaste, but hey, ya never know!
(No time to go, well this is what I have, lost in Anmary's eyes, I just can't think straight)
Beautiful contest everyone should know, and everyone should love

*Made you look