14) Circumcised

Based on Yugoslavia 1968 - Jedan dan

Circumcised. Yes I’m circumcised
Used to have a cap on it, now it’s gone
Circumcised. ‘Fraid I’m circumcised
Papa told them chop chop and that was that

Circumcised. Wish it was a lie
All my friends have kept theirs but I’m left out
Circumcised. No I wasn’t asked
Would be nice if they did, but I don’t count

Life is sweet, sweet if yours is on
Mine’s left in a lab
I would have liked to sense it
But whoever sliced it off instead

Circumcised. Maybe there’s a plus
Not a lot of lint or the random crust
Circumcised. Doesn’t look so sad
Like a one-eyed turtle that is being shy

Circumcised. No, I want it back
Helps to keep it warm in the winter months
Circumcised. Where does one apply?
Maybe take one off from a dying monk

But until, till I make a plan
Friends, please hear me out
I’m asking all contestants
Text me if you think you have a spare

Circumcised. Still I’m circumcised
Wandering the street feeling less endowed
Circumcised. Boy is circumcised
Did I tell you also I am small
Of size.