1) Marburg Virus

Based on Denmark 1983 - Kloden Drejer

Marburg virus spreads at an alarming rate.
First broke out in nineteen sixty-eight.

Dead grivets caused the first outbreaks
With workers in Frankfurt and Belgrade.
The symptoms start with aches and pains,
And after that, severe haemorrhaging.

Marburg virus caused deaths in Angola too.
Total death toll: four hundred and two.

In Africa, tourists died.
They caught the bug in caves and mines.
A new outbreak lasting for years
Killed hundreds more in northern Zaire.

Marburg virus, in Ebola's family
Also known as filoviridae.

Should this virus start to thrive,
Chances are high you won't survive.
You will die!

Marburg virus may be used in weaponry.
Were it used, there'd be no chance to flee.

Marburg virus, hope you're not infected too.
Should you catch it, basically, you're screwed.
Basically, you're screwed.