5) Mr. Scorewiz Man

Based on Switzerland 1992 - Mr. Music Man

I logged on to your website
And much to my dismay
I see that Scorewiz isn't working again,
Mr. Scorewiz Man

Could you please repair it
Very soon?
I have used it since
Two years last June
My life just feels so empty
And twelve-pointless right now
Mr. Scorewiz Man

All my stimulation's
Gone astray
Please ease my frustration
Now, today
Just let me run my votings
That's all that I ask for!

I understand that
Your voluntary labour's unpaid
But it's urgent
Get off your arse
And fix it today!
Mr. Scorewiz Man

You might think me grasping
Rather rude
You're the reason for
My lousy mood!
Don't think that my requests will
Come less frequently if you blank me
I'll spam your wretched forum
Hour after hour after hour

I'm very bitter
You've made my leisure time incomplete
So on Twitter
I've just sent you an abusive tweet

How hard can it be to make it work?
You are such a lazy selfish jerk!
If you don't get it running
My response will be very painful
Because every three minutes
I'll sing this whole song again!