9) Photoshop

Based on Greece 1980 - Autostop

You want a homo riding a spotted hyena? (hyena)
Then you should try photoshop, make yourself Chinese
Or make Hitler wear a dress and kissing Dima (Dima)
Have Clooney give you a squeeze or eating some cheese

Show them with photoshop, photoshop
They'll see, photoshop, photoshop makes things funnier
Photoshop, with photoshop
The best part is you can make your "member" a lot bigger
Just all with photoshop, photoshop
I'm fond of photoshop, photoshop
Draw a huge vagina!


Photoshop, with photoshop
Have a massive feast with Chiara
With photoshop, photoshop

Place yourself in Italia drinking cappauccino
Make a tiny adjustment to Perrelli's forehead please
Give a win to countries like Andorra or San Marino
Just have fun and look at your work and just be pleased

You'll all love photoshop, photoshop
Create with photoshop, photoshop a cute tarantula
Photoshop, with photoshop

Now you can copy and paste yourself in Barcelona
A great time, photoshop, photoshop
We adore photoshop, photoshop
Make a pink uvula!


Photoshop, with photoshop
Go and change the stripes on a zebra
With photoshop, photoshop

I love photoshop, yay!, la la la la la la…
Photoshop, with photoshop
You can even kill Carola
With photoshop, photoshop, photoshop, photoshop