15) A sugar baby's song

Based on Azerbaijan 2012 - When the Music Dies

Hugh, gave me my first cheque
Paid for my monthly rent
Was a true cash cow

Hugh, Hugh saw my expertise
The floozy that I could be
That was just my clout

And I did my best to thrive
Spotted bald, old, dolts
And every dollar that they had I would spend

And that sure was my biggest delight
Having gold, bonds, yachts, thongs
Milking wealthy guys
With my butt and thighs
And my cunning eyes
Plus my sexy smile

But knew, a husband would be the key
His riches would pay my bills
All, all, all, all

So I made an old man, Kyle,
Fall in love, love, love
Then took him to court and became newlyweds

But things seemed a little awry
He kept locked, blocked all vaults
With the cash inside (locked, blocked vaults)
Plus some stocks that have a huge price

That dope! Now every dollar that he spends, he regrets


Shouldn't have more fights
Cause divorce looks so wrong
That stupid prenup leaves me in debt

Will I learn to have a poor life?
Got to hold, hold on
Till the stingy dies.