4) Sharks! (We cannot leave the bay)

Based on Turkey 1987 - Şarkım sevgi üstüne

CAPTAIN: "The seven seas! (haven't counted…) The seven seas!"
"That's where we'd be! Sail with no fear!"
CREW: *Screaming and running in terror around the ship*
"Sharks!!!!! We cannot leave the bay!"

CREW: "Captain! At sea, it's dinner time!"
"Captain! The fish! Us they surround!"
"We'll beat you if you don't obey -"
"Sharks! Let's give up on this sail…"

CAPTAIN: "Silly sharks won't block the way through…"
"What do sailors do in Peru?"
"They feed them glue, so they can't chew!"
"I think we should do the same!"

CAPTAIN: "NOW! Go and feed! I'll get some beer"
CREW: "Where the glue is? Ha, in your beer!"

UNKOWN PERSON: *Sailing quickly towards the ship in a jet*

'SAVE THE SHARKS' ORGANIZATION MEMBER (what he appears to be): "Don't kill the fish! He could be your friend!"
CREW: "Shut up, you nerd! You see? We're stuck!"
"We won't hurt sharks, if you ask…"
"We'll distract them with some bait…!"

CREW: "Dear activist (if you like fish), jump to the sea"
"Your 'friends' are here, hungry for meat!"

CREW: "Leg after leg, hand after hand"
"Yuuuuuum!!! The sharks eat, and we are safe!"
"Now, anchor's up, not worried that –"
"Sharks will block our way again!"

CREW: "My! What was that? No!!!! They are back!!!!!"
"Man body parts – Appetizers!"
"They swim so fast, we're doomed... Oh, nay…"
"We're gonna shout in dismay:"
"Eaten by sharks… That's not fair!!!"
"We knew we shouldn't have sailed..."