12) Whiny Child

Based on Spain 2012 - Qu├ędate Conmigo

Just look how cute a kid can be
Mummy's favourite child is me
I tend to get my way

And though people love kids so much
Not talking 'bout "the Christian touch"
It's how I get just what I want, I tell that cunt
"Gimme my toy soldiers", then they're brought to me and so fast

Mummy is the best, you see
She does what I tell her, gee!
Gimme Jolly Ranchers, gimme back my Weebles
She listens to my every command

But sometimes things run out of hand
And she decides to leave the house, she wears that blouse
"Gimme some more Twizzlers", she does
Then she walks out the door

My nanny's the worst, you see
'Cause she is like 83
Put that hearing aid on, gimme my Tonka Toy
It's no use, she can't hear a thing

Keep wishing it's all a dream
All I can do now is just scream

(What is it, you'd like, my sweet?)
Bitch I just need something to eat
Gimme my Chupa Chups, gimme some dark chocolates
Mummy said that I could have more!

Gimme some PEZ or some ice cream
She asks me why a balance beam
Gimme my gummi bears, gimme more Rice Krispies
Mummy said that I could have more!