5) That Sounds Shit To Me

Based on UK 2010 - That Sounds Good To Me

How the hell did you get this feeling
Why the hell do you think that I fell for you?
You're nothing more than a friend, dude
I've got a girlfriend, so this is rude!
Josh, I hope that you are kidding me...

So you thought we could be a couple?
On a pink cloud.. yikes... I'm not gay!
"And with you there beside me, loving hands to guide me???"
Josh, this truly is a weird idea

"So we can go to my place, or Valentina's cyberspace.
There I can *get* you, since you are on my menu!"
Dude, don't know about you but.. that sounds shit to me!

You think we're coming together
While our friendship was just working well
There's not even a shadow of a doubt for me now:
Our friendship is over now!
Find a guy and please leave me alone (alone, alone)

"Wait! I've got some new idea! We can ask your girlfriend for a high-tea!
Then you can explain her, that you're really in love with thìs sir!"
Dude, don't know what you think but.. I'm not in love with you-oooooo-woah-woah-oooooh

So if, you let me go ("No, please stay!")
Otherwise I'm missing the show ("Which show?")
ESC will be on TV and I really wanna see this semi!
You better leave me alone now, leave me alone nooooow..

Leave me alone now..
"We - can - watch - it - together?"