(12) I Sent an Email
Based on Finland 1989


So, into GMail I logged-in at my room
And composed a significant mail
It has pics of my cat in a costume
With a cute ribbon tied to his tail
Still, you haven’t replied, are you snoozing?
This uncertainty can’t carry on
So I’ll get your attention in front of our friends
On the message board and beyond

I sent an email
And I don’t like the position I’m in
(So) so check your email
‘Cause I’m burning from within
So I’ll send out a pigeon who’ll signal with lamps
That I said on the phone what I wrote on the fax
With a bold-lettered notice reminding you that
I sent an email

It’s a warm sunny day, and the sky’s blue
And you went for a walk on the strand
All the sudden a noisy plane by flew
With a banner attached to its end
Then an advocate holding a megaphone
Said in such not so welcoming tone
“I want your attention all ladies and men!
Let this message be widely known:”

I sent an email
But now you treat it like tossed in the bin
(Go) Go check your email
Please hurry and do your thing
This is everyone’s business I emailed it out
But the business of none to know what it’s about
So until you react I’ll continue to shout:
I sent an email

I sent an email
The wait is hammering under my skin
(Now) Now check your email
Delaying’s a mortal sin
Please reply, it’s been minutes now, don’t be so daft
Oops, I might have been wrong, letter’s still in my draft
Well, the thought is what matters, so I’ve done enough
Now check your email
Just check your email