(2) Hayfever
Based on Ireland 1973


Yes, the sun brings out the pollen.
Nose: it sniffles. Nose: it dribbles.
Do I sneeze?

Do my eyes look red and blurry?
Oh they feel a little furry!
And I wheeze.

Hay fever: it's so bad, the pain bemoans me.
Allergy! I'm awful lonely.
I'm so blue, or am I too extreme?

With these aches forever bounding
Will my head be always pounding?
My God, do I sneeze!

Started choking by the heather
As my eyes explode together!
So it seemed.

Keep your many horrid flowers!
(How I've cursed the higher powers)
Or I'll scream.

Hay fever: it's horrendous, please believe me!
Never stops! Drugs don't relieve me.
I hate it and that is not a fib.

Will this hell go on forever?
I endure the summer weather.
It's obscene when I sneeze without cease!

Is my nose a little redder?
Is that cut grass I can sense there:
My eyes stream.

Do the roses bloom around me?
Don't misunderstand: they irk me.
I feel green.

Hay fever: am I droning on? Oh never!
I don't feel all that clever.
I can't smell nor taste tiramisu.

Oh my scourge is no delusion
Sod all halts my nose extrusions
Life's a bitch! Rhinitis: it's no bliss!

I am drowning deep in pollen.
Could it be because of Colin?
It is he who grows delphiniums.

Want to share in my displeasure?
Go and stuff your nose with pepper!

Yes, I sneeze! And I wheeze! Do stop please!