(9) Sudden Tempo Change
Based on Cyprus 1999


They always seem to start out as a ballad
Oh so slowly flow along
Like it will last forever, and induce sleep
A haven in chaos of song

Just when you think that you are safe
a subtle beat, lower range
On your ears the sound will start to chafe
Silliness - oh just wait for, the sudden tempo change


So this one is for you, little Monetta
and you should listen now, and Siegel should too
See any kind of fanwank won't score on the board
Genre overload? No, it won't do!

Just when you thought that you were safe
Fanboys are creaming their pants
Waving all those flags until they chafe
Randomness - incoherence

(Is not a good idea) - mmm... sudden tempo change
Not a good idea, sudden tempo change

(Just when you thought that you were safe)
Oh Valentina, go home now
There's no point in trying it again
You should not make such a grave faux-pas
Sudden tempo change
(Sudden tempo change, sudden tempo change, sudden tempo change)