(11) Disappointing Sore-boat
Based on Portugal 1974


Catch the breeze, and soar
Find me far from here
Then abandon all
No half mast at sea
For too long, poor me
Beached upon a moat
My sonar tracked you down,
The loveboat.

And a tender mo'
And a tickling feel
Yeah to see that floor
Dancing soft will we
While we embrace, the
party then begins
Bump my barge
big depth charge
We'll par-tyyy

Do I spot a sore?
Ewww... the doctor knows?
What a grizzly mole
When does doc stop by?
Either cover up
Ewww... don't want to see
Don't you care
if that there... S.T.D.?

Man, don't pinch it more
Iiih... don't pinch it more
When the zit is red
Oozing gooey stuff

Here I draw the line
Disappointed, me
Such a bash
A party
But your sore
Oozed like brie

Ruined everything and more
Waste of my time
And I bought galore
Don't want anymore
Blew it all! It's gone!