(13) Cowie Daisy
Based on Macedonia 2012


So, last year in ALC
Andy wrote a song 'bout me
I was dead, murdered, you see
But I'm still alive, well, back alive

Oh I'm so glad Jesus helped me
I came down to earth, a bee
That is what I'm nowadays
So I flied back home, I wanna know

Oh would she remember me?
See that I'm her Daisy?

First I flied to the frontdoor
Really did hear some footsteps on the floor
But the door, it stayed closed
She didn't see me, nor did she hear me

So I flied to the backdoor
There my eyes fell on a little window
Really fast I went inside
There she was standing, my lovely mother

What is that, there in her hand?
It's the thing that I can't stand!
I'm afraid, I have to say!
Some people smash with it, strike with it

Ooooh, does mommy wanna murder me?
I'm her baby, can't she see?
"Mom, it's Daisy, look at me!"
Just turned into a bee, unfortunately

Now I know what's wrong with me!
I sound like Bzikebi!

I think she doesn't get me!
I need to hide before she fucking kills me
Where do I have to go?
There's no way out now, please help me somehow
Oh gosh, it's coming closer!
I need to leave before mom fucking hits me
Oh, where do I have to go?
There's no way out now, please help me somehow

(instrumental part in which mom the farmer is slowly catching up with the bee)


She really did it, poor me!
My second life on earth did not last that long
No chance to ever move on
This is the final ending to my song:

I was her cowie Daisy
As a bee she didn't recognize me
She killed me with a blue whisk

Why am I talking? I'm bloody dead
Will take my rest, R I P