(15) Let's Get Out Of It Now!
Based on Montenegro 2009


Half of all its members now drown in a recession
Nothing in this country is near where it should be
Didn't signing up mean we claim and you will listen?
We said yes, why need a majority?

You can tell I'm referring to
A big monster… the EU
Get out of it now, Dave!

Let’s get out of this, out of this, out of this wreck
What a waste of my money, I -
want it all back
Over here in the UK
It's just London we obey

What a bloody waste, bloody waste, waste of my tax
Take a look at the numbers, they're -
stating the facts
For each penny we derive
There's a Muslim that arrives
Let's get out of it now!
Get out of it now!

If you are an Eastern then why'd you go on welfare?
We are sick and tired of European Law
Merkel shared her wish to increase the use of German
Soon she'll say her lebensraum is too small

Even though we'd like to quit
Could we get a trade permit?
Let's get out of it now!

Let’s get out of this, out of this, out of this nest
Stop austerity measures, we -
need to invest
Yet, despite our global role
We want back to self-control

Why’s there no one who, no one who, simply admits -
the superior status of -
us as the Brits?
We’ll stand by the Union Jack
Free of any future crack
Let’s get out of it now!

(*Scotsman grabs microphone*)

You’re not the only,
who’ve been constantly oppressed -
hence our last self-rule request

(*Englishman angrily grabs microphone back*)

We would never agree
You can’t just break free
Once you Scots are thinking clear
to the Union you’ll adhere

So, let’s leave the E, leave the E, leave the EU
no dispute 'bout the Falklands, they’re
for us - not you!
Our PM gave us his word
Soon our voices will be heard

Sing it! God Save The Queen!
It’ll be a good day!
\o/ THE UK!!!!!!!! \o/