(3) I Feed You By Force
Based on Norway 2013


A buffoon or a silent «freak»
names I call you out on the street
When we get home you know what I will do:

Bake a cake, a fatty cake - pounds of sugar
and butter, milk, never wholegrain
You big fat pig, I make sure - you eat it all

If you won't eat
You won't get a choice
I will stuff it in:
I feed you by force

I put a knife against your chins
You're disgusting, all bloated within
You are revolting - now have some cream
Feel the grease

Oh... one more bite, there's room for more
You're a hippo, you can't fit through the door
You start complaining, cry and drool
Now you shut up!

Don't you want more?
You won't get a choice
I will make you eat
Cause I feed you by force

You say you're full, that you are done
And you're whining - can't have even one
of all the cupcakes, I made for you
Well then I'll stuff them down your throat

Now you can't breathe, oooh yeah...
I don't seem to care
You don't have a choice, mmmh yeah...
Cause I feed you by force
Feed you by force
Yeah I feed you by force